’tis not the season for blogging, my friends.

is it me, or has January already started?

theteet has grown a rapid ill this night. methinks it’s strep.

watching the Browns lose in the icy rain this afternoon — paired with the beers and hotdogs, of course — did not usher in immediate health. strange.

despite these life-threatening ailments, i’m overjoyed to have the free tickets, the party van and QT with the Johnsons, as always. my family is way cooler than yours.

plus, we got to meet Ken Dorsey! also, who the eff is Ken Dorsey?

if i have a temperature tomorrow (assuming i’ve survived the night) it will mean only one thing:

sick. day. sick. day. sick. day. pto. pto. 

i’ve got to use it while they’re still giving it out.

boss? if you’re reading this, i can explain.

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