a is for acclimate

so, it’s 52 degrees in our house right now. i can see my breath. i’m wondering how science makes that possible.

normally, like, say, in 2007, this would be problematic. if your house is cold, you become angry. you become reluctant to get out from under the blankets–even to go the bathroom. you dare not get near water (read:do the dishes, laundry) for fear of hypothermia. you want to kill, well, everyone.

you are a wuss.

seth and i have acclimated our bodies to extreme cold. we both have on a few layers of sturdy clothes, and, at times, i’m so hot that i’m sweating. it’s good motivation to get your ass off the couch and get moving, anyway. otherwise, you’ll freeze and die.

once we get this house buttoned up for the winter, (read: spring) we probably won’t need to fire up the heater at all. right now with no walls or insulation upstairs, it only comes on a couple times an hour. three cheers for $12 gas bills! 

the only drawback to this new lease on life is that when we visit the homes of normal people, we forget to dress for the weather. the other day, in a very nice lady’s house, we couldn’t get our layers stripped off fast enough. thank goodness seth and maybel had their tankinis on underneath their jeans!

you 72-degree people? your lifestyle disgusts me. :)

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