theteet gains some ground


this is how we do it to monique ming laven

this is how we do it to monique ming laven



blog stats show exciting news! it appears that theteet has gained some ground here at yes, theteet is proud to announce that monique ming laven has loosened her grip on this blog’s web traffic, and has opened thedoor for theteet to gain a solid foothold on third place in overall search term referrals. 

that means that almost half as many people come to looking for information on theteet than those who are searching for megan pringle — but that’s still more than ever has come to seeking the latest on monique ming laven!

“lyndsey teter” also saw a huge increase around the same time that millions came searching for ben marrison–reinforcing fears that theteet will never get a decent job in this town. maybe next year.

but what’s the deal with all the incestuous hate? i’m not sure what the deal is there:

Search Terms for all days ending 2008-11-11:

megan pringle    
the teet    
monique ming laven    
i hate my cousin    
lyndsey teter    
ben marrison    
“megan pringle”    
gilly hicks soundtrack    
lyndsey teter blog    
bible jokes

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