he said/she said: special ‘you have problems that no one else has’ edition

an actual real-life conversation in my house:

circa 2012

the teters: circa 2012

steter: hey.

theteet: yeah?

steter: i was reading a book about meat goats

theteet: yeah?

steter: and it says that you can attach a wagon to your goat. 

theteet: no way!

steter: no, for real. there’s a diagram and everything.


steter: forget horses. we can just ride to church in our goat wagons. 


steter: they’d have to be double-wides. the goats can only carry one person. we’d probably each have to tend to our own goat.

theteet: (typing feverishly)


theteet: how do you get the goats to listen? don’t they just want to pull over to the side of the road and eat tin cans or something?

steter: you can train animals to do anything

theteet: even goats?

steter: even goats.

theteet: you’re reading a book about meat goats?

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  • http://elephantsonbicycles.com Andrew

    Nice. I’m a fan of goats. Goats milk, goat meat, it’s all good.

    When I was a youngster I had a friend named Rusty Clapsaddle (no, I’m not making that up) and he had goats on his farm.

    We’d try and ride the goats but they always ran us into the electric fence and that never felt good.

  • jessm

    you guys are the best.