2008: The Long Road Home

hi. welcome home. this is shaping up to be the best year of my life. as a result, i have become a major slacker on the blogosphere. no skin off your nose, but it’ll be hell come Year in Review time, when I’ll remember nothing that happened to me in the season called autumn. that will, again, be problematic for me, because history is our greatest teacher, and remember: If i don’t blog it, it does not exist. and life lessons are coming at me left and right these days.

I’ve composed a partial list of upcoming topics for the record, but for now, Seth has just brought the chainsaw inside and i must run upstairs to supervise. it’s been a rough week for construction projects. sometimes things just don’t go the way you’ve planned, and threatening to “burn the house down” can comfort only for a finite period of time. i better get up there before we loose a few rafters. also, is it safe to run a chainsaw in the house? isn’t that … dangerous? 

1.) women and their value

2.) things i’ve learned from michael padula

3.) the STUF

4.) our current living situation — now with 100 percent more shoe racks in the living room!

5.) Do-Rahm-Me.

6.) carharts: god’s holiest outfit

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