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a is for acclimate

so, it’s 52 degrees in our house right now. i can see my breath. i’m wondering how science makes that possible. normally, like, say, in 2007, this would be problematic. if your house is cold, you become angry. you become … Continue reading

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there is too much goodness for this blog to handle

theteet is bursting at the seams. the servers are overloaded and ready to crash. there is another Teter in the world. we just got home from meeting New Nephew Benjamin, and he’s a cutie patootie. (that’s a technical term.)  i’m … Continue reading

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this is a post about dad jeans

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he said/she said: special ‘you have problems that no one else has’ edition

an actual real-life conversation in my house: steter: hey. theteet: yeah? steter: i was reading a book about meat goats theteet: yeah? steter: and it says that you can attach a wagon to your goat.  theteet: no way! steter: no, … Continue reading

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theteet gains some ground

      blog stats show exciting news! it appears that theteet has gained some ground here at yes, theteet is proud to announce that monique ming laven has loosened her grip on this blog’s web traffic, and has opened … Continue reading

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2008: The Long Road Home

hi. welcome home. this is shaping up to be the best year of my life. as a result, i have become a major slacker on the blogosphere. no skin off your nose, but it’ll be hell come Year in Review … Continue reading

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aren’t you proud of me for keeping my promise to America?

don’t ever say theteet doesn’t deliver. that’s change you can believe in.

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i love Columbus

last night i felt like maybe, in 25 years or so, i could get good at this. for the first time in my adult life, i feel proud of america — as they old adage goes. if this was a … Continue reading

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i hate columbus

i’m sorry, but i really love knox county. i wish it had jobs there.

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