Ben Marrison’s mom is really mad at me.

A Marrison
A Marrison

I’m never going to get a decent job in this town.


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  • Jaydubs

    Hey, you always have your mad Photoshopping skilz to fall back on, right?

  • a

    No it’s noy his mom. But I know a few things about computers, IP addresses, location, and tracking. I believe you need to find a really job and get a life. But if you need to comment on something please give me your private email address, better yet give me your phone number and we can chat.

  • a

    26 years old
    COLUMBUS, Ohio
    United States

  • theteet’s mom

    i hope little ben inherited his sense of humor from his father.

  • not theteet’s mom

    I heard the Thirfty Nickel is looking for a good reporter. Might be a step up from “The Other Paper” lol

  • theteet

    Dear Noel, Steven or Haskell,

    I sincerely apologize for the deep wounds I caused your family. I never said I had a healthy obsession for your dear Ben Marrison.

    I can only hope that one day he feels so passionately about me.

    lyndseyteter AT

  • gayle marrison

    Ben’s mom just read your blog ..she doesn’t like you much next time I’m in Ohio I’ll look you up… guess you knowI’ll be serving rooster …. you need HELP!!!!


    Wow, are these posts fake, or is the tone of TheTeet starting to draw some real hostilities? LT, you know where my skills lie if you need assistance. }:)

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