tithing for the win

the lord has blessed our bank account. no, we’re not making any more money. (i’ve been delisted, thanks.) we’re just keeping track of our spending. we’re (ok, I’m) not pissing away our treasure. here’s the thing. 

remember that pie chart i made a long time ago? the lord wasn’t even a tiny sliver of pie?

now he’s no. 3!

tithing for the win!

the strange thing is that now that we’re shelling out ten percent of all our income off the top, we’ve been able to save more than we ever have. 

now, writing the check every week ain’t exactly easy (it’s my money and i want it NOW!) i think that when you willingly give the lord right off the top of the pile, that he blesses your finances. i’m serious. i mean, it’s technically his anyway.

you know how sometimes, especially since we stopped balancing checkbooks with pen and paper in, like, the 90s, you find yourself thinking, “how the hell did i spend $400 with my debit card this month?! where did it go?”

if not, than you’re a bad american. if so, than you’re like me.

now that we’re keeping track of all our spending through Quicken Online (God’s favorite software) i think he’s doing the thing that he did with the fishes and the loaves. he takes the small amount and multiplies it enough to keep everyone fed. we’re able to put a seemingly huge amount toward jesus, and a seemingly huge amount toward mortgage, renovations and savings (No.1, 2 and 4, relatively). where is all this money coming from!?

Quicken is also showing a dining and grocery spending took a huge dive in the last few months. that was really killing us.

i wonder if we give away 50 percent if god will buy us a Porsche. i wouldn’t put it past him.

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  • http://acaciatreesoftware.com Ben

    Totally called it, yo. Eating out and spendy groceries are the devil’s money suckers. When are we gathering around that pot of spaghetti again?

  • http://meryl321.livejournal.com/ Meryl Williams

    Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?