i know it’s completely insane

but i’m going on vacation next week — the week before the election.


it’s inherently wrong.

ah, well.

i can’t wait to work for 7 days in a row on the house. we are on a roll.

this weekend we moved the bedroom downstairs. that means if we’re watching the tube on the couch, and get a hankerin’ for a nap, we just have to roll over onto the bed. got some laundry to do? just take your clothes off and throw them immediately into the washer, which is an arm’s length from the bed. the loveseat is our closet. the dresser is blocking the front door.

yes, we live on six-and-a-half acres, but we’re living in a 400 square foot area. god bless us.

last night we were working ever-so-intently to remove the bedroom floor when maybel fell through the ceiling.

this is a reenactment of the incident

this is a reenactment of the incident

maybe i should have mentioned this earlier, but maybel took another 12-foot spill. she fell through the vent in the ceiling (which we had camouflaged with a trash bag to keep the dust out of the living room — oops) onto the floor of the living room. it was quite a tumble for the little cannonball, but nothing she’s not used to. she fell through a similar hole and down into the basement last year when she became distracted by bacon and lost her footing.


poor pig.

we’re not sure how she survives these falls unscathed. she has very short legs and a lot of — bulk to support on the landing. we both screamed and watched as her ass and back paws kicked up in the air. she made a pretty loud thud, and when we looked down, we saw her run under the coffee table. she took a few laps around the living room and appeared fine. 

she immediately came back upstairs and continued exploring. at least shs didn’t knock out any of the plaster.

i felt like calling any and all relatives who might be looking at their watches in reference to my biological clock. maybe a YouTube of the incident would prove that we’re ill-equipped to ever be parents.

but i bet seeing a bulldog fall from the sky would be hilarious.

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  • http://meryl321.livejournal.com/ Meryl Williams

    Is it okay to laugh at that thought? I am glad your dog is okay.

  • http://monsterbeard.tumblr.com Chris

    I thought maybel was a dog.

    Also, remember that show on Animal Channel called like, ASPCA busts down doors to kick the asses of people who are negligent to their pets? That sounds too long to be the name, but I think that’s the gist of it.