2008: The Long Road Home

this is a review in fast-motion. for the record. this is what i want to remember a year from now:

my sister has a birthday and she takes mark and I on a lovely canoe ride. when she leaves her birthday party, her friends let me hang out with them around the campfire. i may have explained how much i love them, but i’ll never tell.

my cousin is married. my little cousin. the same one mother babysat as a child. he’s all grown up and married to a lovely lady, and he’s just so ga-ga over her, and i feel a little silly for crying. just a tiny bit. nothing noticeable! or is it? i also meet the infamous Lentil, as cousin brad introduces his offspring. i love and miss family.

miss mae klingler and i spend an afternoon hanging out in her storage closet. we examine her college-era bath lotions, and she decides to keep the mr. twinkie, thank goodness. i envy her parent’s barn. on the way home, the beautiful autumn drive is littered with mccain/palin signs. my faith waivers as i wonder how god can let this happen.

these are things for the record.

i also met margaret.

there are a couple dozen of us gathered to take communion, and there is a small, shaking hand stretched my direction. 

‘i need someone to hang on to!’ the lady says, and i offer my arm.

our pastor picks up on it later.

what did margaret say to you, lyndsey?

who? i asked

it’s what an owl says, pastor says.


margaret. the lady who is beside you, he says.

oh. she said ‘i need someone to hang on to.’

that’s margaret. and it’s the most profound thing anybody’s said all morning, pastor says.

we take communion and it feels a bit like family.

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