where have all the moderate cowboys gone?

tonight, as we gather around our televisions, i’d encourage you to surround yourself with like-minded people. that way, you can boo and hiss at the other guy’s Word Blizzard, and you can cheer enthusiastically at your guy’s vague rhetoric.

oh, wait.

that’s exactly what you shouldn‘t do.

if you haven’t made up your mind by now about who you want in the white house, god help you, because these messages are getting more indecipherable by the minute.

barack obama and john mccain have really broke my heart in the last month(s) or so. i remember telling all my friends that this was going to be a race between the two best men in politics. but that went to pot almost immediately.

please try to refrain from picking sides. (WHAA WAHH WHAAA IS SHE TALKING ABOUT!?!!>!)


there is one party that has effed us the last 8 years, and it’s okay to be mad about that. but the fact of the matter is, despite the shocking horrors, the other party has not been able to be elected into power by the people of the united states. and if your ultimate goal is to convert some loyals, you are doing a terrible job at it.

i’m saying: stop it.

be more manipulative.

you’re not going to get anyone to vote for your party of choice by telling them how stupid or unprepared they are — regardless of how stupid or unprepared they are. you are emboldening the enemy.


or something.

or move to a heavily republican area, and start converting people that way.

it’s like jesus.

once they hear the message, they’ll be hooked. at least until the election is over.

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