this is the meanest show ever

seth laughes maniacally at almost every episode of Scare Tactics. i, on the other hand, get angry even at the thought of the show. why would you put someone through something like that? it’s mean.

(for the uninitiated, here are some episode sumaries: EPISODE 1: People driving through the desert are attacked by an alien. A man thinks he’s blown someone up with an experimental weapon. A man thinks his friend is buried alive. A masked killer stalks camp counselors. EPISODE 3: A clean-up crew finds a mutated clone in an abandoned genetics lab. A man invites his friend to a party that turns into a cult ritual. A repo man is sent to a house and discovers a body in a freezer. A man is trapped in a cage with a gorilla.)

Scare Tactics – Desert Alien EncounterAwesome video clips here

i get a little freaked out putting my chickens to bed in the dark. i don’t need a reality TV show to reveal that i’d be a huge wuss in any kind of paranormal crisis situation. i’m well aware of the fact that i would probably throw a newborn baby into the alien’s hands if it would grant me a few precious seconds to run.

if seth ever tries to make me a victim of this sort of prank, the joke’s on him because my worst fear is being on a hidden camera television show. plus i’m a gun owner, so plan for my shooting rampage shortly after the cast and crew are revealed.

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