theteet’s greatest restraint

das rices

i waited to internnounce an engagement!

these two cats are getting married, and when i found out, (several days ago!) i did not blog about it.

if only i had extended the wray/sowashes the same courtesy. sigh. i’m growing up.

but in those torturous hours, i was able to think for a little bit about what these two mean to me, and how pumped i am that they’re taking the plunge.

i’ve known lin since Southeast Ohio days at OU. through a series of smoke breaks, i grew to know and love mr. rice. he is the brother i never had, i am so thankful for the wisdom and grace that he’s shared during lots of porch chats–plus that time he lived with us.

let me break down the top 5 mini list of things i love about lin:

  1. it seems like lin is the only person who understands the joy of living in the country, and he might have been the only person in my peer group who had already held a chicken.
  2. he taught us how to shoot guns. plus, he owns a truck, a motorcycle and at least three taxidermied animals.
  3. at one point in time, we ate ice cream and watched Moulin Rouge together. lin already knew the songs.
  4.  while living as a depressed hermit, a girl can pour evil secrets on him, and he won’t tell a soul. the boy is a vault. 
  5. porch. chats.

Sometime after a photo was taken a Patrick J’s, Miss Lisa Aurand came into my life. i remember that initially there were some mixed reviews about the new girl at work, but i never really understood what the fuss was all about. a few months later, when she and lin started dating, i remember that i knew her, but that i didn’t really know her.

there was a moment when i overheard her shout something along the lines of ‘ohmigawd–he just texted me! should i text him back?!” in the cafaterium at work and i instantly gave her 2,000 points for being so cute and ga-ga over lin. and i am so blessed to have gotten to know  what a strong, rock-star woman she is through work and through their relationship. it’s hard to believe that i had not met lisa aurand in, like, 2006. crazytown.

lemme break down the MiniList of Lisa A:

  1. the way to my heart is … well .. the girl can bake. for example, when hungover, or even when you’re not, there is no better breakfast than a lisa aurand breakfast.
  2. lisa inspires me with her boldness. i wish i could be so honest with my feelings.
  3. and although i was boasting about lin’s poultry wranglin’ skillz earlier, i gotta admit that it’s kinda cute when lisa runs away from my chickens.
  4. she lets me pretend to give advice.
  5. sometimes she feels like running

 and ok, and i’ll throw in a bonus, because this one is near and dear to my heart: she adores my friend lin, and she makes him really happy. (i think he might like her a little, too.) :)

it’s comforting to know that while destructive relationships seem trendy these days, lin and lisa pull each other onto the path of righteousness.

what i mean to say was, congratulations, kiddos. the teters are very happy for you.

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  • lmarie

    I have never had so much fun in my entire life as that moment when I passed you a note during edz meeting that read “I made out with Lin Rice over New Years.” You should have seen your face!
    Thank you, Teter, for everything.

    In response to #2: You should know that my seeming “boldness” is really only my complete inability to hide how I truly feel at any given point in time. I wear my heart on my sleeve, baby. That’s just me. ;)

  • mrlin13

    I must say, LT, that you are a wonderful person. I will treasure this post forever, or at least until it disappears into the archives. You are a scholar and a gentleman.