i *heart* church

seriously. these are the best people on the planet. sometimes, on tuesdays, i wake up and think things like “only two more days ’till bible study!” something has gone terribly awry. i don’t know what has taken over me.

this is seriously where we worship.

this is seriously where we worship. it's in the middle of some fields.

sunday evening, seth and i took a plate of cookies to a gospel concert at our church. i believe they were called the scioto ridge boys. they were a quartet. our pastor joined in on the piano for that crazy Lord of the Dance song.

anyway, walking up the gravel road to the church, we noticed that the doors were left open at that the old-timey sounds were spilling out all over the countryside. seth and i looked at the sunset, and at the cows in the surrounding fields, and then each other. we half expected to see a gang of prisoners in black and white stripes swinging in tune with their pick axes. it was surreal.

is anybody keeping watch on the clock? i’ve forgotten how many weeks i have left before i grow tired of this.

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