it’s happening again

this time it’s upstairs.

one year from now, plan for a teary tribute to our newly renovated second floor.

in the meantime, expect pictures of stuff that would make your jaws drop in disbelief.

i love this part of the project — the part with the crowbars and the sledge hammers. the part before you get sick of living in a hell hole and still feel that one day (possibly! maybe!) you will actually get a project completed.

rippin’ shit up — for lack of a more appropriate phrase — is much less tedious than trimming and painting and detail work. ugh. give me a dust mask, thanks.

this round should go much more smoothly (did i just curse us?) because we know what we’re up against. and all we’re doing is ripping out all the plastered walls and ceilings (it’s in pretty bad shape) and we’re ripping up the carpet and the old floor boards, putting down subfloor and finishing it off by using up the rest of that wide plank pine flooring.

we don’t have to put in all new floor joists, which means we won’t have to see anything like this:

this is what it looks like if you have to put in new floor joists.

this is what it looks like if you have to put in new floor joists.

and we won’t have to launch ourselves or maybel over dangerous chasms when she has to go outside in the middle of the night. oh, and we won’t have to rewire the entire house. or replumb it. which is a plus.

there is just lots and lots of drywall in our future. but subfloor first. (a little more than a year ago, i’m not even sure i knew what subfloor was.) i sort of wish we could start over on the downstairs knowing all of what we do now.

anyway, the plan is to have the house reappraised before Barack Obama takes office in January. it’s inevitable that his inauguration will shoot life back into our wretched economy, which will be bad for low interest rates. then we’ll borrow on our equity to buy that acreage beside us and set things in motion (read: pour a foundation) for the addition.

oh — and then we’ll start on the kitchen and bathroom-which-won’t-be-a-bathroom.

oh my gawd. i better take a break. i’m tired from talking about it.

anyway, that’s the life plan, fyi. in case there is no Apocalypse in the next year or so. we’ll see if god goes along with it.

if you need us, we’ll probably be eating pizza and dreamin’ big.

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