On Electricity

we never lost power. did you?

Not-An-Intern Jon reminded me that moments before Windstorm 2008, i was declared/wished for some sort of disaster that would shut down the grid just long enough to kill off everyone who relied too heavily on electricity.

ok, bloggers.

i meant bloggers.

but now, as women blow dry their hair in our office bathrooms, i feel nothing but empathy for the poor souls. at least they have each other.

seth and i have, on many occasions, cut our own power supply for various home improvement projects (read: we do it to ourselves) and i, too, know the all-too-real terrors of going to the gym to take hot showers, living without heat, making sure you don’t leave work without your phone charged, and lacking the Internets to Google the number for Dominos, etc. etc.

but i pray everyone reading this over tested wifi at some crowded coffee shop has had the chance to reevaluate their life and consider learning a trade.

and i pray that the maintenance guy with the huge cigar soon finishes clearing up all the fallen timber around our office, because every time i trudge out to the car with my laptop, i not-so-secretly wish we could trade jobs. it smells like fall and chopped wood and it reminds me of the now-defunct Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Festival in Nelsonville. mmmmmmmmm. Gimme that chain saw, mister. You finish my story.

man, the Amish have it right after all.

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