Lewis’s claim to fame

He also plays baseball occasionally

First to French theteet: He also plays baseball occasionally

Some may know rookie Indians pitcher Scott Lewis as the 25-year-old kid who has yet to allow a run in 14 Major League innings, which is the longest stretch by a Tribe pitcher to start a career since 1969, or so they say.
But I think he’s more famous for being the first boy I ever kissed with my tongue.
(Sorry that I had to make that distinction, Hoss. You were a real puss in the sixth grade.)
And no, contrary to what Seth likes to say, he did not have a rat tail at the time. I believe I was the impetus for cutting that thing off. Or at least that’s what Courtney Maddox told me at the time.
Congrats, Scottie, if you’re reading this on Facebook.
Oh, and good luck with the baseball stuff, too.

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