spiritual puberty is happening right in front of you.

this whole “thinking of god, like, two days a week–at least!” thing is really starting to get on my nerves.

i didn’t use to be like this.

things normally didn’t mean something.

i miss the days of batting the air.

first of all, i love lin and lisa. they are great. i was hanging out with lin tonight, so this will be redundant for him, but.

suddenly, when you start believing in eternity, and stepping back to remember that perspective, like, more than once a week, it quickly becomes apparent that you can’t just waste your life away on earth. but why, you may ask, if you’ll have so much time to blog in the afterlife?

well, i’m trying to save your souls, a-holes.

but more importantly, i understand that a person died for me and i feel obligated to listen to what he told me would happen next. it is making me a better person and i hate it.

it seems like spiritual stuff is happening everywhere all the time, and people are hungry-hungry-hippos over conversations about god. wtf, jesus.



But old Killey McGee up there in heaven wants my life to have a purpose. he wants me to have a sense of urgency. and he wants me to be a total loser. and he wants me to be weird and to attract mudslinging.

he wants me to put aside my pride — which is hard, because i am PRETTY AWESOME, and he wants me to be nice, forgiving, patient and a servant of mankind. (i know, right?!)

this sucks.

god is needy. and i’m starting to think that he’s smarter than i am.

my second vignette is that recently, i have become consumed with the many terrible aspects of the christian church (see post below, and also see this situation.)

but Brother Lin spoke a sermon during our porch talk indicating that you can’t get caught up in other people’s beliefs. they are not your beliefs. and at the end of the day, it’s your decision.

and for the 15th time, god does not want to talk about what an ass rod parsely is. he cannot emphasize this enough.

in or near this life lesson, i was handed another cold, hard truth: I judge judgemental people. and yes, i understand the irony (irony?) of thinking “i would never judge someone for being black/gay/republican/gypsy like that judgemental person just did. i am so much better than that person.” which, by default is a judgement.

not excusing racism, here, i’m just saying that i assume the whole when presented with a part. and that judging judgemental people is mostly a waste. it does not help them understand their error. it just makes me feel better about myself. (but isn’t that what it’s all about?) (no — apparently it’s not. which is troublesome.)

my third vignette is that god made me weird.

i have a heart for terrorists and sexual predators.

in general, i do not want to kill them or have them killed.

this is because i believe that you are capable of just as much good as you are evil. and i distinctly remember a man named Saul who killed Christians — or maybe just beat them up and threw them in jail? Wikipedia is sketchy on this — until one day god knocked him off his horse and then he wrote, like, the entire new testament or something.

we are all capable of drastic turn-arounds … unless we’re dead. like this man. who was a sexual predator. although i’m not sure how much that had to do with his death. it seems like people weren’t responding to his cries for help?

anyway, that’s all i’m saying.

and it’s very unpopular.

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  • http://www.popquizkid.net kara

    i have been trying to come up with a comment all day…a clever one, that would convey how much i really love this post. but nothing clever came to me, and i got sick of waiting.

    i really love this post.

  • http://monsterbeard.tumblr.com monsterbeard

    I’m ok with judging people for things they don’t do that I do, as long as they’re comfortable with the opposite. And they usually are.

    Kitty Genovese was murdered in front of at least 30 people. It’s along similar lines.