nailed it.

i wish i had photos to punctuate the perfect nuptials of miss jenny wray and mr kyle sowash.

everything about the wedding dovetailed their hipster crafty columbus style. it was a beautiful night, it was at North Bank park overlooking the c-bus skyline, and i’ve never seen miss thang look so freakin’ gorgeous, happy.

it’s fun, for me at least, after watching that little ball of caffeinated stress sit in my cube for the last few weeks — and then to see the whole thing go down without a hitch. (well — i guess there was one hitch — huzzah!)

weddings are a fun party.

there was a man named the Lizard who married them, and a banjo played a nice tune as they walked back down the aisle. and kyle grabbed the last piece of vegetarian lasagna for his bride. perfect.

does anyone have a photo of the particularly pleasing graphic design elements of the wedding?

nice work, mr. and mrs. wray.

it was also wonderful to spend some time with the Rice-Aurand family. seth and i especially enjoyed it when lisa, after like a half a sip of wine, said something along the lines of “i feel like running,” and took off barefoot down the shores of the Scioto. apparently this is something that happens quite often. priceless.

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  • lmariea

    Lin has some kick-a photos that he uploaded to his computer today post-surgery, so I’m sure you’ll see them soon.

    Good to spend time with you, too! Believe me, runs through fountains and random barefoot sprints don’t really have a lot more to do with pure happiness and less to do with alcohol for me …

    Even so, those gin and tonics were rockin’!

  • lmariea

    Sorry, I meant “runs through fountains and random barefoot sprints have a lot more to do with pure happiness …”

  • theteet

    you’re crunked now, aren’t you? :)