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Parking employee put bar flier on windshields
Saturday,  August 30, 2008 3:21 AM
A Columbus parking-enforcement worker was caught last week leaving too much information on Downtown windshields. 

Along with tickets for parking-meter violations, Joe Johnson was plastering cars with an advertisement for a local bar.

“That’s not what the city pays him to do,” said Mary Carran Webster, assistant director of public service.

After getting an anonymous tip, Johnson’s supervisors staked out a N. 4th Street parking lot and watched as he handed out good news along with the bad to drivers parked on Young Street.

“They were following him,” said Brian Sturgill, a parking-lot attendant. “It was kind of funny watching them dart in and out of cars.”

Johnson, a 14-year city employee, didn’t protest when confronted, Webster said. “He knows he did it, and he said he did it. He said he didn’t know it was wrong.”

Johnson was caught on Aug. 22. He is back at his $19.39-an-hour job but faces a disciplinary hearing next month, Webster said.

She didn’t know whether Johnson was being paid to hand out advertising while he worked the meters. The flier featured a menu for the Main Bar, and he also left an Ohio State University football schedule with a real-estate agent’s name and a phone number on it.

A manager at the Main Bar, 16 W. Main St., said the tavern has a stack of fliers but doesn’t pay anyone to hand them out. “We haven’t hired anyone,” said the man, who wouldn’t give his name.

But, come to think of it, he said, “There is a meter guy who comes in here sometimes.

“Not when he’s on duty.”


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  • http://pencilsfromheaven.blogspot.com lmariea

    HIS $19.39-AN-HOUR JOB!?!?!?!?!!

    That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

  • http://mymiddlenameisearl.blogspot.com Merlin

    I would hope he’d be making something close to that after working for the city for almost a decade and a half.

  • theteet

    if i make that much after a decade with … well, you know, then i’ll retire to my pool full of money.

    that’s so much money.

    i’m not paid very much.

    i’m poor.

    no money.

    don’t say mole.