alaskan ladyparts for the win.

i’m so glad they pulled something pretty and desperate.

it just won me $15.

fyi, here is a list of the people i beat moments ago in the Veepstakes pool:

1.) Danny Russell, a spokesman for Jesus and former TOP editor

2.) Dan Williamson, a spokesman for the mayor and also Most Awesomest Political Columnist in Ohio Ever

3.) Erik Johns, Master’s degree student at Northwestern who is also learning Chinese

just an fyi.

maybe less experienced girls are the best, after all.

i’m curious as to what jessm thinks of this. also, can you relay to us the truth about The Bridge to Nowhere? also, can you tell us what Palin has done in Alaska?

are there roads there yet? a solid waste collection system?

i heart she was a city council member, Miss Teen USA Alaska or something and then she was elected governor in 2006.

*shakes head*

it was a ballsy move, and it made me stop thinking about All That Was Last Night’s Speech, but i’m not sure anyone will bite after that.

or will you?**


**Edit: I’m just reading more about this woman. she seems pretty tough. plus, she had a kid with down syndrome like, 5 minutes ago. she’s pretty crazy over drilling in the wildlife refuge, though.

oh, forget it. they haven’t got a chance in hell.

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  • ijp

    I agree Lyndsey. Hey, I bet you didn’t expect a response from Ian Porter (did I just refer to myself in the third person?).

    Hope all is well in TOP world. I know this guy named Jon who is interning there. Big curly hair, know him?

    my email is, let me know how things are going.

    heard anything from that Williams dude? Is that his last name? I forget.

    Also (shameless promotion coming) my poorly written blog is, in case you finish your Ladies’ Home Journal and are completely out of things to read. BTW, I don’t think you read Ladies’ Home Journal, just a joke.

    Take it easy. I enjoy perusing your blog from time to time, so keep up the interesting banter.