oooooooo, so that’s how bad it can suck!

errrr … i ‘ran’ a half marathon today.

this one had much less fanfare and about as half as many tears.

‘how’d you do?’ someone might ask.

well, i barfed in the porta pottie, i added 25 minutes to my time and i’m not going to tell you what i did in the field. the ranger will find it, i’m sure. i hope no one wants to steal my DNA.

anyway, i had some issues in the morning, and they were compounded by the 90-degree heat.  and you’d think a park called ‘Glacier Ridge’ would include some cool, scenic, maybe even shady areas, but you’d be wrong. the course was one big, hot field that you had to run back and forth through three times. the good thing about that is that i could take my shirt off and toss it on the ground, because i’d have three more opportunities to run by and pick it up!

it became evident today that i train on a cushy, shady bike path about a mile fom my house, and i’m rarely in the sun. this was tough on ye old psyche.

but you want your training runs to suck hard, so, all-in-all, it was a good time. i literally thought i was going to die, which will make all runs in the future 100 percent better.

i finished at 2:49.

(that is a terrible time.)

the hero of the day, however, is STEVE JOHNSON, MY FATHER, who ran an adjoining 5K and walked maybe 10 steps the whole trip. he shattered his old time of 34+ minutes, finishing just about the 30-minute mark.

he rulz!

after our race, father and i shared a meal at some steakhouse (or rather, we both ordered, stared and the food and packed it up for later when our tummies were ready) and he spoke of marking out a 5-mile course as “a next step.”

sucka’s got the bug!

way to go, pops.

you’re in trouble now.

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  • Rogue Agent

    Another example of the advanced Johnson Training Program. All those childhood years spent delivering newspapers finally pays off. (Que the Olympic theme….)