five amazing things about jess meyer

in a few short weeks, my friend jess meyer is leaving for macedonia to serve in the peace corps. she will be there for 2.25 years. that’s, like, 2010, people. obama will be halfway through his first term as president.


crazy town.

In the meantime, she’s going on a whirlwind tour of the US — which includes: Oakland, Chicago, New York, LA, Boston and, as of Saturday, Bangs, OH-IO. we didn’t really have any sort of entertainment to provide jess other than ourselves, a handful of chickens and some chairs — plus a really weird diner that offered huge servings of fountain soda for like 40 cents or something.

still, it was comfortable. it was good conversation, and it was refreshing. for those of you who don’t know Jessm, I’ve provided a top five list of things I love about her. it will help you get the gist:

  1. she’s abandoning everything familiar — land, food, air, water, conversation, culture – so that she can do some good work in the world.
  3. she loves puzzles
  4. if you make a joke that’s good enough, you’ll earn a handshake from her. this is affirming in many ways. it basically gives me the confidence to go on.
  5. she has a keen eye for quirkiness, and can relate tales of her time in Alaska, or even watching the Olympicswith her sister, in a way that the best fiction writers could not achieve. but the stories are true, no matter how many times you call her a liar and shortly thereafter receive a postcard in the mail of a cat painted like charlie chapman.

what i’m saying is that is was super nice to visit. and that i’m so very proud of you, and that i’m glad you’ll have DSL in macedonia.

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  • Meryl

    ohmygoodness you commenting on my blog was, to me, basically the equivalent of Megan Pringle commenting on yours–

    wait, that was you, right?

    keep in touch!

  • jessm

    wow, i am honored beyond words.