My marathon spidey sense was tingling today, so i checked in on the

Look what else I found!

Courtesy of, the best news ever (with commentary):

• The half marathoners, who used to break with marathoners in Bexley, will now stay with the marathoners until they, the half marathoners, break for the finish line on Nationwide Boulevard.

No confusing and potentially devastating splits in the road. plus, I won’t get jealous when the half marathoners take that short-cut in Bexley (although this did great for my psyche last year when I thought I was running as fast as the 4-hour marathoners …)

• The High Street portion of the race has been cut from 5 miles to 3½. To make up the distance, a few more turns have been added in the University District. These changes not only cut down on a stretch of headwind, they add fraternities and sororities to the course.

Although I’m nervous about the increased potential for being taken out by a stray cornhole bag, the High Street portion of the race … of any race … is grueling and hellish. Nothing says ‘kill me now,’ more than running up hill with the sun in your eyes sucking in COTA bus exhaust fumes. Now there will only be 3 miles of that.

• Perhaps the most potentially beneficial change: Grandview has been added to the course, and it will be more downhill than uphill.

I don’t care if we have to run in Whitehall as long as we’re running downhill.

ALERT: I sort of looks like the race course cuts out part of the Olde Towne East portion, where the GLBT community fills the entire neighborhood with rainbow flags, bubbles, costumes and dancing. Looks like miles 8-9 will be on Bryden Road, but. Here’s to hoping they didn’t chop the most enthusiastic marathon supporters from the race …

I got so excited for this that I signed up today.

Why don’t you join me?

Your heart will grow four sizes to large, and it will only need to pump once a minute, or so i hear.

I’m going now to try out my new breathable birthday running gear!

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  • Bill Melville

    Darn. I just signed up to run a half down here on October 11. That isn’t enough recovery time – I was still sore a week after the Country Music Half in April.

    So why would they cut out the gays? Is Phil Burress involved with planning this thing now?