happy birthday, me!

this is me on journalism

this is me on journalism

it’s not even 9 a.m., and already i had someone try to — what?! are you tattling on me?! — I’ve been called slimy and accused (twice) of taking quotes out of context!

it’s a good day.

this morning, on the way to work, seth said, prophetically, “well, who do you think will hate us today?” which is funny, because i read on Columbus Underground that writers are the only people who think they never have to take responsibility for their work.

in fact, it seems to be quite the opposite — almost like everything we produce is scrutinized by hundreds (thousands?) of people, and unless we print the full discussion word-for-word, we are “taking things out of context,” which seems to be the new buzzword meaning “oh, crap. well, that doesn’t look very good at all.”

Doesn’t “taken out of context” mean that a reporter used words that would have a different meaning if they were surrounded by other words?! If you say “I really need to learn how to be fluent in Spanish,” what sort of context would absolve your acknowledgment that you are not fluent in Spanish?!



Ok. Thank you. I feel much better.

in his defense, seth is being unhorsed by a nationally syndicated columnist. i’m just personally berated by a bunch of *

*EDIT: Rant censored. For the children.

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  • Ed P.

    If you do not like the comments at C.U., why are you using the people who post there as sources and quotes for your articles?

  • http://pencilsfromheaven.blogspot.com lmariea

    Poor Steter. That’s the kind of thing that makes you want to smack your forehead and say “D’oh!” You know the difference between the words, but it’s too late to show it now …

  • theteet

    lisa, i’m sorry that you missed your chance to personally attack this poster named Ed P.

    there is an intruder on the site.

    as theteet overlord, i command you to destroy.