best. mail. day. ever.

i received Easily the World’s Most Amazing T-shirt in the mail today. there is only one person i know with hands tiny enough to pull it off. my only regret is that i’ll probably have to take it off eventually to wash it.

i’ll get you back, my pretty. and your little hands, too.

also in the mail today, i received two birthday cards and cash cash monies (plus a stellar raccoon-inspired poem from my aunt) as well as an invitation to my cuzin’s weddin’ and another invite to my cousin’s 16th–gasp–birthday.

i clearly remember pushing this little guy around the fayette county fair in a stroller. and he’s driving now?! he was born in 1992.

i am an old freaking woman.

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  • Jen

    If you want to feel old(er), catch a glimpse of the next generation!

    (I noticed that you asked my mom for more pics and she never sent you the link. Slacker. This is where I always post the pics, so you can check at will)

    Happy, happy, happy birthday!

  • Megan

    I specialize in excellent mail days. I’m glad you love it!