Running tip No. 4,567: Avoid Fire Thighs.

So, i’m pretty sure we’ve already addressed the fact that if you run anything more than, say, 6 miles, men and women alike may experience a burning sensation between the legs. and not the good kind you get from marriage.

there are no substitutes.

there are no substitutes.

this is because running causes the legs to move back and forth several hundred times per hour. eventually, your own skin becomes abrasive toward itself, wearing painful holes in your upper leg area. this is where the miracle product Body Glide comes in to play (hat tip to jenny wray for this recommendation.)

however, while i was far away from home earlier this evening after running, say, 6 miles, i realized that i had forgotten to apply the product to my inner thighs. crap. but hey! i’ve got my lip gloss in my pocket! i’ll just smear that on there! it cures chapped skin! i’ll just slather it on — problem solved!

except i forgot that the lip balm had menthol in it.


needless to say, the burning sensation did not go away.

the last 4 miles or so were painful, but i was motivated to make it home a little quicker than i would otherwise.

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  • jaydubs

    Aw…I feel so, so sorry for you … except there are some of us (AHEM) who experience the dread “chub rub” after less than a mile of movement. No fun.

  • Talya

    I can’t stop swearing. Menthol on an already worn in area! AHHH! I am running 6 miles at the end of this month… haven’t done that in oh 10 months… I will remember my glide.