one is the loneliest number.

i’m rarely alone, and unless i’m at a matinee, i generally prefer it that way. after about 4 hours of living inside my head, i’m ready to have someone else contribute to the conversation. plus, i am afraid of things like clowns and robbers and coyotes. i would probably be pretty easy to kill.
this is why i am disheartened to learn that my hubby will be away on business for a week. on my birthday!
turning a year older when you’re alone is zero fun. luckily, i have a scheduled visit from jessm on the 16th, but i am currently seeking apllicaions to fill out the rest of the week. is anybody bored? does anybody want to come to Ohio, or want me to drive out to them? please?! i can’t stay too long — i’ve got the chickens to take care of — but i could use a little help from my friends.
(mom? sis? who’s up for a Mumbo Jumbo Tropicana Bahama Mama at Red Lobster?)
oh — and thanks for the outpouring of support for your murderous teet. i really appreciated it.
enjoy each jam sandwich as if it were your last.

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  • Brittiny

    I’ll come visit. I could use some quality Teter time, plus it’s been too long since I’ve been out to Bangs.

  • Merlin

    Lisa and I could use a third wheel. Wanna steer?

  • mom

    I will be in Columbus on your b-day. I was hoping we could get together for some quality mom-daughter time.

  • Mae Klingler

    Ooh! This sounds like fun! I have an idea…

  • Dad

    I’ll probably be wheeling your mom to Columbus that day—can we do 7/7′s instead of the Bahama Mama?

  • Rogue Agent

    If there is trouble – call me.
    You could always create an artificial intelligence computer bot to greet you upon arrival. Not that I would know…

  • Sister

    I suppose i could stop by with ma and pa…if they wait til I get off work. If not you can come up to ashland and help me teach all my new friends how to throw the ax. I tried to practice and the next day my abs hurt too bad to move… :(

  • Ben

    We’re having a party over at the Deatons on Friday. You could totally come. Lots o’ free homebrew beer too.

  • Anonymous

    You know, Erin Molnar and Colleen Rankin should be coming for my birthday… maybe you could jump in the car with them? Double Birthday Blast?!

  • talya

    Maybe you could jump in the car with Erin Molnar and Colleen Rankin when they come to Chicago for my birthday?!

  • Megan

    On a side note, how do I mail you something that isn’t over the internet? I mean like, what is your mailing address? You have these in Ohio still, yes?