he said/she said

Special “driving by an Amish church service on a pleasant Sunday afternoon” edition.

L-Jo: oh … My …
Steter: look at that
L-Jo: I have never seen anything like that before! Look at all the buggies!
Steter: and they’re waving now…
L-Jo: benches! Lined up … How many do you think were crammed into that barn? />

Steter: they do something quaint like that and then they get mad if you take their picture.
L-Jo: I know! And the haircuts. Did you see the haircuts?
Steter: “Hi, we’re Amish. We’re going to line our children up according to height and have them push handmade wooden wheelbarrows down the road — but don’ take our picture!”
L-Jo: Bastards.

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