i already read that.

my google reader is on the fritz. this is traumatizing in many ways.

In the meantime, here’s something that’s long overdue:

He said/She said: Special DIRRRTY Edition.

set-up: so we’re getting ready to launch our new website at work (henceforth known as Project 1994) and you’ll be happy to know that our first official executive decision involved an emailed list of predetermined swear words. we had to decide that we would not allow in our comments section of our online newspaper. there are several hes and shes involved in this conversation.

she said: you can’t say boobies? that’s ridiculous. 
she said. this is an alternative weekly.
he said:
she said: what’s smegma?
he said: i’m not telling.
he said: well, it’s the stuff you find … under the folds
he said: (scrolling feverishly to the top of the email) did dick cheese make it?
he said: hmm. you can say dick cheese.
she said:
she said: but you can’t say lesbot?

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