Lil’Peckers: The Revenge

Editor’s Note: This is Part Seven of our ongoing series about theteet’s foray into the world of the chicken farmer. Descriptions are graphic.

Special “Just when you thought, ‘what could she possibly have left to say about chickens!?’” Lil’ Peckers Edition.

So, this morning I walked outside before work to spend some time with the flock in the garden when suddenly … a rooster crowed, which is pretty impressive for a hen. especially with those large waddly things hanging from her face.

oh, wait.  


whoever sexed this thing is totally fired.

whoever sexed this thing is totally fired.

 that’s totally a dude.

my brother-in-law had a similar incident with a rooster they named Austin Powers (i.e., ‘she’s a man, baby, yeah.’) In that spirit, and only bill melville will understand this reference, I am going to name our impostor Mary Ann–maybe just Krauss for short.

the chicken does have very large hands.

MAK probably could have gotten away with it if he hadn’t opened his big mouth.

and now i’m off to research the reproductive cycles of poultry. MAK’s sperm could be devastating for the future of our omelets.

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  • Lmariea

    Whoah. You may have just witnessed spontaneous chicken sex reversal.

  • jaydubs

    For what it’s worth, I’m fairly certain that I’ve heard it’s OK to eat fertilized eggs. And hey, this way you won’t have to buy another set of chicks next year, right?

  • Bill Melville

    People in my office now think I’m even weirder because of all the laughing over here.

    Does this large-handed rooster cause the other chickens to roll their eyes and grown whenever he/she begins to cluck? Or does the threat of having the life choked out of them by those oversized talons keep them in line?

    You better send that one to the slaughterhouse before the others begrudgingly elect he/she president of the Upper Arlington … i mean, chicken council.