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Don’t believe me? Just ask MEGAN PRINGLE!!!!!!!!!111!!1!!!111!!one!!!!!!!

Megan Pringle

'Very entertained' by theteet: Megan Pringle

oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.

MEGAN PRINGLE really did comment on my blog this time.

it’s not my cousin, even.

every sentence must be a new paragraph.

today is a day that will live in infamy — or famy, rather. today is a famous day.

For those intrigued but too lazy to click:

New comment on your post #856 “oh my god oh my god oh my god”
Author : Megan Pringle (
Well now I feel compelled to comment on your blog!
My brother told me about this website.
All I can say is wow…reading it has left be amused, a little confused, but most of all very entertained. It’s adorable and hilarious.
I’m now in a new city with a new four dollar coffee.
I enjoyed chatting with you at Starbucks!

Take care!

PS – Two lattes (one for me, one for my fella)

Just to update regular readers of theteet, a search for megan pringle (still) brings 1-2 unique visitors to my site every day. At first, I accidentally mentioned her in a blog post that drew rave reviews, and then i used her fame to shamelessly increase my site traffic. But somewhere along the line, it morphed into a paralyzing fascination — just like in the movies! But my weird obsession can’t top whomever does 1-2 searches for her every day and always — disappointingly, i’m sure — ends up here.

Apparently Megan has a new city and a new (ggrrrrrr) Starbucks. Oh, and a brother!!! I tried to Google her name to find out more, but it was like chasing my own tail.

Speaking of sexy referrers, watch out Megan Pringle — Monique Ming Laven is still a distant third, but she could be a dark horse:

Search Terms for all days ending 2008-07-04 (Summarized)

Search Views
the teet 94
megan pringle 89
monique ming laven 56
i hate my cousin 47
lyndsey teter 41
lyndsey teter blog 31
bible jokes 28

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  • Ben

    I’m glad that bible jokes makes it on to your top 10… and number 7 to boot. Perfect.

  • Bill Melville

    If it’s any consolation, the new Starbuck’s is probably on the list to be closed.

    And I can’t believe the phrase “I just peed a little” did not appear anywhere in this post. Or are you saving that for when Monique comments?

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