dear mom and dad:*

there’s good news and there’s bad news.

the good news is that we’re canceling our order, and you won’t have to load up that new truck of yours with firewood for our Fourth of July party.

the bad news is that the largest tree on our lot split in half and fell across the driveway. oh, and it took another maple tree down with it.

two questions: 1.) does anybody own a chainsaw? 2.) will this hurt my chances of going to comfest?

it was a storm, alright. but not a Shitstorm, thank god.

 the honda is nervous.

EDIT: and then a few minutes later, maybel got sprayed by a skunk.

Contrary to whatever advice NBC4′s MArshal McPeek may offer, I stayed away from the feminine products and instead came up with this 2-hour cycle that will guarantee results:

1.) bathe with dog shampoo
2.) soak with 5c tomato sauce 10-20 minutes
3.) dog shampoo
4.) soak with 2c hydrogen peroxide, some baking soda and dish soap.
5.) dog shampoo
6.) repeat steps 4-5
7.) finish with a strong-smelling conditioner, like Aussie.

sad pig

we didn’t follow the No. 1 rule, which is “Do not bring the dog in the house to bathe her because the smell will linger for two weeks,” so, we’ve got that going for us. poor pig. it got her right in the kisser.

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  • Meryl

    That… sucks…

    That tree is gigantic.