watch her become religous overnight.

re: Gays.

I’m pretty sure that Jesus was in the habit of reaching out to marginalized groups — not creating them.

re: The One True Religion.

Anyone who buys into Jesus and says there is ‘more than one path to heaven’ is either pandering or not reading the Bible. Cowboy up, pious ones. If there were multiple options, there would be no need for Hey-suse. Feel the burn of a glare once in a while, will ya?*

*EDIT: There are lots of paths that lead toward heaven. But most of them are flooded at some point on the way there. It’s like trying to drive to Athens after a good rainstorm. If you’re in a sedan (which represents the wretched, sinful vehicle that is man) there’s only one route that’s fullproof. **

**EDIT: What?

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  • Ben

    Peach it sista. Er. Yeah. Um Preach rather. But we don’t really like that word do we – bollocks…

    By the waddle, you should twitter. I think you show natural ability in such realms.