my reckless use of the em dash — god’s favorite punctuation mark — has been called into question

whilst  proofreading my last article, e-johns counted 24 double-dashes. in recent hours, it has also become apparent that my editor has a fondness for the double-dash — not to be confused with a mere ‘hyphen’ — as well.

this is a dangerous pairing. TOP is doomed.

but consider the power of the em dash, which works — as moses did — to part the waves of prose so that the all-important parenthetical thought can safely pass. no need to finish that thought or sentence –let the Daddy Longdash take it home.

Cut short?

Let the double-dash show emotion that has become –


oh, em dash.

now that our torrid affair has been brought into the light, i shan’t ever look at you the same way again.

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