my weekend: lost in draft

Here is a list of people who will forever rock:

lin, lisa, meredith, mr. mike and erik.

these people came out to see my chickens during a thunderstorm warning–and no, that’s not a euphemism. i am tattooing their names on my chest. you should strive to be more like them. (and please bring pie, guns, miller lite or rock salt when you come.)

on Father’s Day, steven j requested that we drive up to Ashland and chop wood all day long with a log splitter, which, if you’ve never used one, is an incredible and dangerous machine. i’ve never had so much fun making firewood in all my life. dad managed to chop only one log the entire afternoon. he spent most of the time fetching beers or repairing the gas line he split whilst pounding supports for the wood pile into the soft ground.

i am excited that i learned about a new way to join copper piping underground. the flare joint. have you hear about this?

if there is a nuclear holocaust, we will be the only ones left alive.

in other news, do you remember when you first learned that your lungs take in oxygen and that your veins (or is it arteries?) deliver the goods to your heart? or do you remember when you learned that you have a circulatory system?


well, i remember feeling a bit impressed and also thankful when i understood these things. it’s nice to suddenly appreciate something you didn’t know was already working in your favor. not to get all, like, My-So-Called-Life on you, but that is how i feel living on a ‘farm’ and working as a journalist. it’s just a constant flow of new information, (so that’s how that works!) and there are always lots of new ways to feel connected and overwhelmingly joyful — you know, like, when you learn about flare joints. or that church steeples originate from the pagan practice of worshiping the erect penis of a fertility god. or when you meet people. or control the pH of your garden soil.

i am so happy with life right now that i keep waiting for something terrible to happen.

what i meant to say was: don’t listen to me. i am totally high.

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  • Meryl

    Definitely didn’t know that thing about church steeples.

    I feel smarter already.