now i have to run a marathon.

last night as i was wrapping up a four mile jog, this song descended upon my iPod mid-shuffle:

the clouds were billowing in all the right places, the birds were singing and the cows were lined in a row, swaying back and forth as they encouraged me to follow my dream. before i knew it, i had accidentally envisioned myself tearfully crossing the line of the columbus marathon in october.

later, i found this:


fyi, i tearfully finished my first half marathon to this:

and my first 10K, ever more strangely, to this:

i’m not sure why this happens. songs about the sea, surrender, skin and tragedy go hand-in-hand with the runner’s high, i guess.

there are 20 weeks until the C-Bus race. you’re only supposed to train up to 20 miles, so theoretically, if you can run one mile this week, and one more mile each week after that, you can run it with me. we can be famous together. after all, mary jo kilroy ran a marathon. why can’t you?

any takers?

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  • jessm

    that korean baby is awesome