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oh, lawd. what will be the title of his first course?

From the Big D’s James Nash, who seems like he has a playful sense of humor:

Ex-Dann exec goes back to school

After his ill-fated stint as former Attorney General Marc Dann’s top nonlegal aide, Edgar C. Simpson evidently has decided to go back to his roots.

Simpson, 44, had been a small-town newspaper editor in Missouri when Dann picked him to run the sprawling non-legal side of his office, which includes policy, communications, purchasing, human resources and some law-enforcement functions.

Simpson had worked with, and was close friends with, Dann’s wife when both worked for the Tribune Chronicle in Warren.

Simpson was forced out of the attorney general’s office when an internal probe of sexual-harassment charges revealed his shortcomings as a manager and his often clumsy attempts to suppress the harassment claims. Dann himself quit less than two weeks later.

Simpson has enrolled in a master’s degree program at Ohio University in journalism, which will allow him to teach the subject, said Tom Hodson, director of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

Simpson will teach a basic reporting class to undergraduates as part of his master’s program, Hodson said. The position will pay about $9,700 for a semester as well as providing a substantial discount on tuition, he said.

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  • mandy

    A playful sense of humor PLUS he’s a hottie. At least according to the company directory. I haven’t seen him in person. I’ll have to e-mail the pic to you.