this theteet hates this blog post title

Blog readership has suffered of late.

this is likely due to 1.) it’s summer and 2.) people have lives,  and 3.) I’m growing up.

but more importantly, 4.) my life on the farm has become uninteresting, and will remain uninteresting for several years.

plus, my new boss is my most loyal blog reader, so i can’t really bitch about all the times he’s brought me into the office to yell at me for looting, writing crappy stories, armed robbery, etc. i can quote him as saying “I’m going to make you into a star despite yourself,” or something along those lines.

we’re having fun, aren’t we? everyone said we would.

i think we might be on our way to Three Weeks Without Some Devastating Change or Departure or Mass Firing, too, which never helps blog stats.

boooooooooooooooo. maybe this streak will get cut short! (cross your fingers.)

seth and i found a kitten in the barn. this explains why our feral cat was so fat. we thought there was just lots of good eatin’ in the fields of Knox County. we touched the kitten, and then tried (unsuccessfully) to feed it before we put it –soaked with milk– back into the hayloft in the barn. i hope we didn’t inadvertently kill it somehow. it’s just that we read online that we’d have to feed it with an eyedropper every two hours for four weeks, so we gave up on the ting early.



please comment.

i’m begging you.

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  • steve

    i ride the subway everyday with a girl that looks very much like you. do you have relatives here?

  • Meryl

    Maybe readership is down because I just now started reading regularly. Guess I’ll have to go back to NOT reading in an effort to boost your numbers, *sigh*

  • jessm

    jessm loves cats.

    bonnaroo was fun except there were no cats.

    i need your address so i can send you a cat postcard.

    maybe you could email me your snail mail address.

  • theteet

    you guys saved my life.

    even my own mother told me my blog was too boring to comment.

    your check is in the mail.

    the return address is listed as 6739 possum street, mount vernon, OH 43050!!!