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dear mom and dad:*

there’s good news and there’s bad news. the good news is that we’re canceling our order, and you won’t have to load up that new truck of yours with firewood for our Fourth of July party. the bad news is … Continue reading

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watch her become religous overnight.

re: Gays. I’m pretty sure that Jesus was in the habit of reaching out to marginalized groups — not creating them. re: The One True Religion. Anyone who buys into Jesus and says there is ‘more than one path to … Continue reading

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my reckless use of the em dash — god’s favorite punctuation mark — has been called into question

whilst  proofreading my last article, e-johns counted 24 double-dashes. in recent hours, it has also become apparent that my editor has a fondness for the double-dash — not to be confused with a mere ‘hyphen’ — as well. this is … Continue reading

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Add Glitter to your Photos we blame evil jaydubs for this.  

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it’s hard out here for a pimp

Build your own Blingee

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on the internet, people are not people.

they become hostile and intolerable at lightning speeds. they assume the worst, pick at nits and insert their own insecurities. also, studies show the word “f*cktard” is used with increased frequency on the web vs. real world communication, coming in … Continue reading

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my weekend: lost in draft

Here is a list of people who will forever rock: lin, lisa, meredith, mr. mike and erik. these people came out to see my chickens during a thunderstorm warning–and no, that’s not a euphemism. i am tattooing their names on my chest. … Continue reading

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now i have to run a marathon. last night as i was wrapping up a four mile jog, this song descended upon my iPod mid-shuffle: the clouds were billowing in all the right places, the birds were singing and the cows … Continue reading

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bobcats representin’

oh, lawd. what will be the title of his first course? From the Big D’s James Nash, who seems like he has a playful sense of humor: Ex-Dann exec goes back to school After his ill-fated stint as former Attorney … Continue reading

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this theteet hates this blog post title

Blog readership has suffered of late. this is likely due to 1.) it’s summer and 2.) people have lives,  and 3.) I’m growing up. but more importantly, 4.) my life on the farm has become uninteresting, and will remain uninteresting for … Continue reading

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