my life is like Myanmar. only worse.

Just to ease Colleen’s fears, the title of this blog post was written only to mock how selfish and whiny theteet has become over the years. i don’t really think circumstances here are comparable to more than 100,000 people dying in a cyclone.

but they’re close!

life lessons are coming left and right these days. but for the record, i was happy and there were no twists and turns at work for … what was that? seven days? maybe we stretched it out to 14?

anyway, as you may have read in the Dispatch, Dan Williamson is trying to ruin my life in the same way that Danny Russell did. please don’t ask me about this until fall.

in other news, the chickens have tripled in size. they are the dirtiest, smelliest creatures in our house. but soon, they’ll be stable enough to live outside. we’re building a CHICKEN TRACTOR this weekend, which is just like it sounds. supplies include: 2x4s, PVC pipe, a tarp and tin roofing.  our neighbors are going to love us even more.

the rhubarb and asparagus are shooting up. so are the strawberries. i’m really happy that the bloggers racked up more than 12 pages of comments about my story. i needed some attention. it gets lonely in the country.

drivel. drivel. drivel.

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