i am making fast friends at work.

everyone who reads my articles absolutely loves me. in fact, one person called to repeat what i said in a little girl’s voice and then abruptly hung up the phone. my words must be making a lasting impact because people are trying to impersonate me. they want to be me.

in other words, i am still getting used to writing things that people occasionally read.

but i’m having fun.

fyi, if you piss off some tech-savvy affluent white kids, your blog traffic will shoot up almost as much as that time your kid sister’s head exploded, as demonstrated by the chart below:

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry your pretty little head. Just think, you’ve evoked emotion from the masses. That, regardless if it’s positive or negative, is a feat in itself.
    Besides, there was one blogger comment on Walker Evan’s blog that gave you kudos and called TheTeet funny.

  • Brittiny

    Opps… that comment was from me, I just forgot to type my name in the box. Clearly, its Monday.

  • http://www.10bagspacking.blogspot.com Jaydubs

    The colors in those charts are confusing to my small brain. What is the significance of orange vs. yellow?

  • theteet

    thanks, D-lap. i only wrote the article to get attentions, anyway. i am deprived out here in Bangs, OH.

    jwray – i’m not sure. i think the orange is page views and the yellow is visitors.

    this graph is totally bunk … one of the charts is tallied in months and the other is in days.

    plus i can’t get Japan back for you.

    i am firing theteet’s graphic department.

  • http://www.10bagspacking.com Jaydubs

    Wait, you can’t return my Japanese drugs as my icon? This is a travesty.