Lil’ Peckers: Day Two and Three

Editor’s Note: This is Part Two of an ongoing series about theteet’s foray into the world of the chicken farmer. Descriptions are graphic.

we’ve lost as many chicks in as many days.

we are the world’s worst chicken farmers.

the good news is that upon further research, it’s not our fault. I guess something like 10 percent of chickens die within the first 2 days of being alive. For some reason, they don’t learn that they need to eat and drink. It’s really cruel, though, because they tell you all these tricks; dipping the chick’s beak in the water, putting a marble in the pan, pecking at the food with your hand, and you do them for hours thinking that you will TEACH this BIRD to EAT. But it doesn’t eat. And then it falls down. and then Seth has to smash it’s head off with a sledgehammer.

But I guess the sledgehammer gig is better than being pecked to death by your own mother, which is what would have happened otherwise.


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  • Jaydubs

    Aw, the trauma has you unable to use apostrophes correctly! O the shame of it all.

    Sorry, I’m just being a bastard now that I’m an editor. Just wait ’till you hear me rant about the difference between because and since. It’s ugly.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to my first Teter-range egg. Don’t disappoint me.