i’ve gone corporate — again

ps – I am bona fide.

for $15, i just bought theteet.com. i’m counting myself lucky that megan pringle or erik johns (huge fans of the site) hadn’t already snatched it up.

no need to change your bookmarks — theteet.wordpress.com will automatically be redirected to theteet! can you believe it? !! i also bought lemonscarlet.com, stunted-growth.com and thefarrago.com, but i’d be willing to sell. for a price.

oh, it looks like feed readers might have to add theteet.com.

go ahead. plug in. you know you can’t live without it.

in other news, i am looking for a part-time marketer. theteet needs some branding work. i’m thinking of some sort of website launch. maybe we can have it at BOMA. I’ll bring the chickens.

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  • lemonscarlet

    Well – you got me – I had to check lemonscarlet.com to see if you were telling the truth. Maybe I should buy that…

  • http://alpowerfulgarth.livejournal.com Garth

    This has nothing to do with your post, but I thought I would let you know that while I was reading it, my WinAmp playlist, on random, began playing a song titled “Football, Beer and You” by a country musician named Jay Teter.

  • http://finerepast.com Andy

    Damn, you’re paying quite a bit for domain names. $9.95 is easy to find and you can even get them cheaper than that if you look.