it’s okay, i’m in my 20s

yeah for going away parties!!!

When I rolled into Bangs at about 5:15 a.m., there were three texts on my phone discussing three different shots of alcohol.

i HATE it when people talk about how much they drank at parties, especially if said party was some time in college, but I think it’s important to note here not the number, but rather, the combination of liquors and beers consumed last night, including: blue moon, miller light, guinness, bailey’s irish cream, red bull, the ‘bomb’ of a whatever makes a ‘cherry bomb,’ budweiser, plus a chicken quesidilla — plus a regret that I would have stayed to take whatever shots were waiting for me at Patrick J’s. It may have been the better option, as far as my body is concerned. Although that 10:30 power nap really refueled me. And all this for only $7!

Is this why my right eye is partially swollen shut? regardless, I’m glad i was able to tell you all that stuff really loud. Thanks all, for a truly wonderful time. you guys are too good to me.

consequently, I can’t wait until i’m in my mid 40s and the aftermath of getting drunk will far outweigh the benefits. My dad, who is 54, said he had a hangover for three days the last time he got drunk.

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  • Anonymous

    That sounds fun. I’m sorry I missed it.

  • Jaydubs

    We did miss you at Lemon Drop time … and I’m sorry that I said I wanted to punch you in the box. ;)

  • mjbipjd

    Chances are that irony will catch up with you before your mid-40s… I was hung over almost two days last time and I’m “only” closing in on 30. :/ I attributed it to being out of practice. So, I encourage practicing often. It’s my new plan.

  • joe

    Please unhand Katie. And sorry for the text urging more tequila shots. I had to leave early and thought I was texting Katie.

  • Jaydubs

    Hey, what’s with the funky icons? Where are my Japanese drugs? Boooo!