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i am ready to settle down

does anybody remember that song “Brown Skin” by India.Arie? what? you don’t? YOUTUBE NEVER FORGETS (sorry. embedding had been disabled by request.) i specifically remember listening to this song while cruising campus in a van full of white kids, and i’m … Continue reading

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the bear inside her quieted.

You know that part in the movie Legends of the Fall when Brad Pitt comes back from his boating trip around the world and he’s no longer sleeping with whores or hunting wild game? The part where he settles down … Continue reading

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colleen’s going-away party: or how i learned to love gays

i hope you thought that was funny. it was really good to see everyone last night. i love remembering with you, and hearing your new stories. i still refuse to believe the one about the cats painted with the face of charlie … Continue reading

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my god.

it’s been 5 days since my last post. i’ve really lost heart.

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a secret agent i know

sent me this podcast from … what? Wags & Elliot? It’s a new song called ‘Marc Dann’ as sung to the Police’s Roxanne. Although I’m slightly beyond the grasp of their target demographic, I think that this is a humorous … Continue reading

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my life is like Myanmar. only worse.

Just to ease Colleen’s fears, the title of this blog post was written only to mock how selfish and whiny theteet has become over the years. i don’t really think circumstances here are comparable to more than 100,000 people dying … Continue reading

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gentleman, it has been an honor: Part Deux

this is a new movie starring lyndsey teter, lyndsey teter, lyndsey teter and, well, lyndsey teter. still not sure who the bearded fellow is:

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in the next 35 days

there is nothing i can say here that would be helpful to anyone.

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i am making fast friends at work.

everyone who reads my articles absolutely loves me. in fact, one person called to repeat what i said in a little girl’s voice and then abruptly hung up the phone. my words must be making a lasting impact because people … Continue reading

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Lil’ Peckers: Days FourFiveSixSevenEight

Editor’s Note: This is Part Three of an ongoing series about theteet’s foray into the world of the chicken farmer. Descriptions are graphic. we have not killed a chicken in five days.

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