my face is burning and crying. because of the tears. FU. sorry mmm wit darcmann ..druuuuuuunk,

dan williamson and erik johns have ruined blogging for me. i feel bad even as i pen this soon-to-be classic internet hit.

they said there is something about a person — no offense — who puts their personal life on the internet for consumption.

i don’t think they meant something ‘good’ or something ‘extraordinary.’ what do you think, pdawg?



the TV version of theteeti guess that while true, this insight has also never stopped me before. anyway, i say it’s your fault for reading it. society has also produced tila tequila: second shot of love and that would not exist without demand-much like personal details about my life! i would not type them if 7-9 (thousand!) people were throwing themselves at my mercy. and anyway, i think theteet’s existence says more about consumers than the producers of the show.

dan williamson also claims that he has never visited my blog, but “has had it read” to him. creepy.

i wonder what my blog sounds like as read by eric lyttle or phil shie. perhaps there is an opportunity here for TheteetOnTape.

enough about dan williamson. and anyway, i am not self-important.

i am simply important.

all this and i never even got to blog about ticks.

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  • Merlin

    You should come visit (or invite) friends when you drink. It’s fun to see the blog unfold in person.

  • pdawg

    Knowing Erik Johns and Dan Williamson the way I do, it would be difficult for me to care less on their opinion of blogging. Especially Williamson, who had a baby and didn’t really tell anyone and to this day is reluctant to acknowledge her existence outside of the person who procreated with him. This is what you get from a Yankees fan. He just lacks Midwestern wholesomeness.

    As for reading your blog to someone, turn your gaze on Lyttle as I have never read this e-zine out loud other than to mumble “What the hell was all that about?” after many entries.

  • Alvin

    That explains it :)