the madnesssssss

this week is a blur.

friends, family, bosses.

i got another sexy cover. this was more of a team effort.

*astute* TOP readers will note that yes, i have written provocativish stories in the past. get over it, prudes. although — i may need to write about nuns or something wholesome soon, or i may develop a reputation. i wish i knew someone who could pitch me a good religious story.

um. it hit me last night at jenny wray’s surprise 30th birthday party at MOMO 2 (go there.) — perhaps as her fiance Kyle and his friend were belting an Air Supply duet in a sweaty, happy karaoke room? – that i have never been happier.

i am 25 and-a-half, it is spring, i have the funnest job in the universe, our chickens should be arriving any day now, my raised beds are ready and waiting for the frost date, i married a man who can bake me a killer rhubarb pie AND build me some stairs, my dog is hilarious, jesus is my homeboy. i am the. luckiest. gal. in. the. world. or manic-depressive. one of the two.

there are even new and colorful wildflowers popping up spontaneously in my yard.

everything’s comin’ up milhouse! i mean, teter!

i have been busy and i miss every single human in my life.  later i am going to blog about ticks.

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  • Brittiny

    We miss you too! Glad to hear you are so happy hun!!