for a while i was like

‘oh my gawd, with all the manlove jon stewart has for Obama, when he’s elected president, how will we laugh?’

if jon stewart is so blindly in love with our president that he can’t mock him in comedy routines, it will be a long four to eight years.

but then! last night he came through with a win-win for us all. when obama is elected president, jon stewartcan simply mock those who criticize barack obama!!!!!! hurray!

But honestly, i’ve searched my soul the last four days, and i can’t seem to find what is terribly wrong with those infamous few paragraphs (surprise, surprise). i read it as an explanation of small town whackoism, which is basically right on. but seth said i was wrong, and that he was putting a Whacko Blanket on every resident of every small town in america. in that case, i’m spittin’ mad. riot on the streets of Bangs. it’s about screaming 1-8-7 on a muthaeffin’ cop!

speaking of Sublime lyrics, it’s funny when two white people find themselves singing, for example, ’load up the bong/krank up the song/let the informer call 911′ in a Hyundai accent on the way home to Bangs. we are such posers.

in conclusion, william kristol is the most intelligent douchebag i have ever read. i love to hate that guy. and that sly smile! i could kill him with my bare hands. i’m glad they started putting him columns in the Dispatch.

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  • Merlin

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Stewart won’t run out of ‘old’ jokes about John McCain in a four year period.

    Yay for working in the garden!

  • pdawg

    The only thing wrong with those graphs was that Obama is guilty of pandering to the liberal elite of San Francisco to make them think their cash can somehow overcome the stupidity of small town Midwesterners.

    Oh wait, did I just pander to those of us who were raised in small Midwestern towns by lumping all rich people in San Francisco into one, easily defineable category?