they should be called Drippy Hands Wiped on Pants

i am an hour or so behind deadline, but this is of utmost importance.

 we have two machines in the ladies’ room at work.

they are both called Paper Towel Dispensers, which is ironic, because that is the one thing they do not do.

 we’ve lived about 7 months with this on-again-off-again problem.

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  • Jaydubs

    I grow more bitter by the day about this. Seriously, how complicated is paper towel dispensing technology? If they can’t get it to work properly, why not just leave us with a stack of towels and be done with it already?? ARRRRRGH!

  • Merlin

    Because they’re probably hoping that if they go long enough without fixing it, one of you ladies will just say the heck with it and buy a stack to put in there. Just don’t put it on the expense report.

  • Bill Melville

    Aggravating Cheap Nimrods strike again.